Stronger & more versatile than any other system. Cover any size or shaped opening.

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about cyclone protection australia

We are based in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.

With the AstroGuard system we fill the void in effective, affordable options to protect your homes, families and business premises.

We believe the predictions of increased incidence of severe storms and cyclones in the future as our climate changes.

Metal roller shutters are prohibitively expensive, unsightly and can fail under extreme loads. Plywood is expensive and limited in how it can be used. It cannot provide viable protection with anything more than category 2 cyclones.

AstroGuard is made in the USA and we are the sole distributers throughout Australasia and the South Pacific. We have tested the system to more stringent Australian standards and expanded it's scope of use. Beside homes it is now installed on government buildings, community shel-ters, the Atherton Disaster Co-ordination Centre and on several resorts and homes in Fiji. We had our first major test with Cyclone Winston in 2016 - the strongest recorded cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere. The system performed excellently as expected - click here for the full report

SunCorp insurance have assessed our system and are giving our customers up to 20% discounts on their home insurance policies. That translates to the system paying for itself in less than 5 years in most cases.